Conversations about Faith

RekindleThe Billy Graham Center for Evangelism and QPlace partnered to launch a YouTube channel called ReKindle:  Engaging Gospel Conversations.  In its launch today — September 1 — it featured five five-minute videos.  Skip Vaccarello (author of this site) is featured in one video — ReKindling the Gospel in the Workplace, in which he offers advice for sharing your faith.  Other videos are:

How a Church Engages and Serves its Community — Calvary Church Los Gatos

Calvary Church Los GatosMany people in Silicon Valley are indifferent to local churches which they perceive as islands not relevant to their communities. And some perceive Christians as judgmental and hypocritical. Rather than shy away from these perceptions, Calvary Church Los Gatos engages in activities to serve the community and help change the way people think about Christians and the church. Calvary’s leadership team works to break down the barriers that have built up over time.

How is Calvary doing this? Under the leadership of Rev. Bob Thomas, Calvary looks for needs within the community and finds ways to meet them. Continue reading

Religion in Silicon Valley — A Story on BBC World Service

bbc_world_serviceThe weekend of August 7-9 BBC World Service ran a radio story titled “Religion in Silicon Valley” produced by Peter Bowes. The story offers a contrast between the technological orientation of life in Silicon Valley and the growing practice of faith, including Christianity. You can listen to the 26 minute program here:  Heart and Soul — Religion in Silicon Valley. Epic Church in San Francisco, C3 Church Silicon Valley, and the Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast are mentioned in the program.

You can also read a related story on BBC Capital by Peter Bowes here — When the God of Money Isn’t Enough.

Faith in Silicon Valley

Fox News logoFaith in Silicon Valley has gotten the attention of the national media. The stories on this blog and my upcoming book, Finding God in Silicon Valley:  Spiritual Journeys in a High-Tech World have piqued their interest. This week I was interviewed by Lauren Green on her program Spirited Debate on Fox News. The interview is brief, but you might find it interesting.

Spiritual Opportunity in Silicon Valley

Leadership Journal logoI (Skip Vaccarello) was interviewed recently for the Leadership Journal, a publication of Christianity Today. In the article, I was asked about my spiritual journey, about faith in Silicon Valley, and about barriers that technological advancement may have to the pursuit of faith. The only correction I would make to the interview is that I was called a “pastor.” I am not a pastor of a church in the strictest sense. Business and writing are my ministries. Click here to read the interview: Spiritual Opportunity in Silicon Valley.


Educating and Equipping the Next Generation — Chris Norwood

Chris NorwoodChris Norwood is serving the needs of his community by pursuing the call on his life — to educate and equip the next generation. Today, he runs the Bay Area Tutoring Association (BATA) and sits on the Board of Education for the Milpitas Unified School District. How did Norwood find his call? He comments: “It was more than a good idea, it was a God idea.” Continue reading

“Beyond Dreams” – A Special Event in Beijing

Beyond DreamsReaders of this blog may remember my article on Ken Yeung, founder and CEO of Prince of Peace Enterprises, distributors of Tiger Balm and various other gourmet products and teas. I shared in that article about the desire God put on his heart to help special needs children throughout China. He started the Prince of Peace Foundation and Prince of Peace Children’s Home to serve this community. Now Yeung is working on a new venture to further meet this need.

He is organizing an event in China called “Beyond Dreams.” The event brochure describes it as follows, “We will share how being a blessing to others bestows blessings on the giver, the receivers and the communities in which they live.” I talked with Ken recently to hear a little more about the event, which is happening on August 8 in Beijing. Continue reading

Caring for Imprisoned Prostitutes — Nalla Sundarajan, founder of Lighthouse for Women

Nalla Sundarajan

Nalla Sundarajan is living a transformed life. Once a nominal Christian, she is now a deeply committed follower of Christ living in India seven months a year – a place she had no desire to return to live. She is running a non-profit organization that cares for imprisoned prostitutes. “Never in a million years had I thought about working with prostitutes,” says Nalla.  But God changed her life.

On April 21, I posted a story about her husband, Isaac. In that story, I mentioned Nalla’s call to open Lighthouse for Women in Chennai, India. The vision of Lighthouse for Women is to transform the lives of the most oppressed and abused women and their children; to break generational poverty and to provide opportunities for women to change their lives and the lives of their children. Lighthouse serves these women by providing temporary safe homes, and empowering them through literacy and vocational programs to help them gain financial independence. Continue reading

Warriors Star Steph Curry, a Man of Faith

Official NBA photo

Official NBA photo

The NBA Finals start tonight. The Golden State Warriors are led by Steph Curry, the league’s 2014-15 MVP. They take on the Cleveland Cavaliers and their star LeBron James, past MVP recipient. For Golden State, it is their first NBA finals in 40 years.

The finals hold interest not only for the outcome of the championship, but for the opportunity to see Warriors rising star, Steph Curry. And it is not only fans in the Bay Area who are interested, but people across the country. Curry holds the NBA record for 3-point scoring in a season and is currently setting playoff records. Some say he is the greatest shooter of all time. Curry is not only spectacular shooting the basketball, but has extraordinary ball handling and passing skills as well.

In spite of all the attention, Curry retains a sense of humility and balance. He willingly talks about his love for his family, including his two-year-old daughter Riley, who sometimes sits on his lap during post-game interviews. Curry also openly talks about his faith.
Continue reading