Finding God in Silicon Valley Book

Finding God in Silicon Valley Book


Spiritual Journeys in a High-Tech World

Finding God in Silicon Valley is about how God is working in the lives of people in Silicon Valley—venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, leaders of major companies, innovators in non-profit start-ups, scientists, and technologists.  You will be inspired and challenged as you read the very personal stories.


The book provides lessons for anyone who has struggled with faith issues.  You will read how these leaders got beyond the trappings of financial and business success to find God. How they overcame personal struggle and even tragedy to come to know Christ. How they reconciled faith and reason and the compatibility of faith and science. And how they discovered meaning, purpose, and a calling for their lives.

God is doing the seemingly impossible in Silicon Valley—changing the hearts and attitudes of the affluent and successful, and those desperately pursuing riches, power, and prestige. Having a tradition of disrupting the status quo with technology, Silicon Valley may be poised to challenge its perception as a wasteland of faith as well.

The book is divided into four major sections with chapters containing stories of leaders in each section, as well as an introduction and concluding chapters. The book’s major sections are:

  • The Journey Begins
  • Faith and Success
  • Reason, Science, and Faith
  • Struggle, Adversity, and Faith
  • A Higher Calling
  • The Path Forward

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“Skip has skillfully woven together the captivating stories of influential men and women of the Silicon Valley, a place where you might not expect to find such vibrant followers of Christ.”

~ Chuck Bryant, CEO and Board Chair, Pinnacle Forum America, Inc.

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