“Beyond Dreams” – A Special Event in Beijing

Beyond DreamsReaders of this blog may remember my article on Ken Yeung, founder and CEO of Prince of Peace Enterprises, distributors of Tiger Balm and various other gourmet products and teas. I shared in that article about the desire God put on his heart to help special needs children throughout China. He started the Prince of Peace Foundation and Prince of Peace Children’s Home to serve this community. Now Yeung is working on a new venture to further meet this need.

He is organizing an event in China called “Beyond Dreams.” The event brochure describes it as follows, “We will share how being a blessing to others bestows blessings on the giver, the receivers and the communities in which they live.” I talked with Ken recently to hear a little more about the event, which is happening on August 8 in Beijing. Continue reading

Caring for Imprisoned Prostitutes — Nalla Sundarajan, founder of Lighthouse for Women

Nalla Sundarajan

Nalla Sundarajan is living a transformed life. Once a nominal Christian, she is now a deeply committed follower of Christ living in India seven months a year – a place she had no desire to return to live. She is running a non-profit organization that cares for imprisoned prostitutes. “Never in a million years had I thought about working with prostitutes,” says Nalla.  But God changed her life.

On April 21, I posted a story about her husband, Isaac. In that story, I mentioned Nalla’s call to open Lighthouse for Women in Chennai, India. The vision of Lighthouse for Women is to transform the lives of the most oppressed and abused women and their children; to break generational poverty and to provide opportunities for women to change their lives and the lives of their children. Lighthouse serves these women by providing temporary safe homes, and empowering them through literacy and vocational programs to help them gain financial independence. Continue reading

Warriors Star Steph Curry, a Man of Faith

Official NBA photo

Official NBA photo

The NBA Finals start tonight. The Golden State Warriors are led by Steph Curry, the league’s 2014-15 MVP. They take on the Cleveland Cavaliers and their star LeBron James, past MVP recipient. For Golden State, it is their first NBA finals in 40 years.

The finals hold interest not only for the outcome of the championship, but for the opportunity to see Warriors rising star, Steph Curry. And it is not only fans in the Bay Area who are interested, but people across the country. Curry holds the NBA record for 3-point scoring in a season and is currently setting playoff records. Some say he is the greatest shooter of all time. Curry is not only spectacular shooting the basketball, but has extraordinary ball handling and passing skills as well.

In spite of all the attention, Curry retains a sense of humility and balance. He willingly talks about his love for his family, including his two-year-old daughter Riley, who sometimes sits on his lap during post-game interviews. Curry also openly talks about his faith.
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Nancy Ortberg Named CEO of Transforming the Bay With Christ (TBC)

Nancy Ortberg 3Nancy Ortberg was introduced as TBC’s new CEO and Jon Talbert as the organization’s COO at TBC’s gathering on Saturday, May 16. Transforming the Bay with Christ is a coalition of business leaders, venture capitalists, pastors, and non-profit leaders, focused on helping to develop a grass roots activity that will transform the Bay Area through social compassion and service. Over 400 people gathered at the Jubilee Church in San Jose to listen to a talk by Ray Bakke, network with each other, and to hear the latest TBC news. Continue reading

What a Beautiful Day!

Beasutiful Day -- painting US map2The weekend of April 25 and 26 saw the mobilization of thousands of people delivering compassionate services in Santa Clara County. “Beautiful Day” is what the activity is called. It is a coalition of churches, government agencies, and community organizations serving needs in the community. Activities included building, cleaning, renovating, painting, and landscaping at schools, parks, neighborhoods, and non-profit organizations.

The idea for Beautiful Day was initiated by Westgate Church in 2004. In addition to seven churches and volunteers from various other groups participating this year, 36 businesses donated time and goods to the effort.

I had the opportunity to experience Beautiful Day through New Beginnings CommunityBeautiful Day -- Gardening2 Church (NBCC). Our church canceled Sunday gatherings and organized approximately 600 volunteers to serve at two elementary schools – Bubb Elementary School in Mountain View and East Palo Alto Charter School.

I volunteered at Bubb Elementary School. Not only was the weather beautiful, but it was encouraging to see hundreds of people working together on miscellaneous projects the school administrators and teachers requested. It was also good to know that we were part of something larger – showing the love of Christ to our neighbors.

A Transformed Life — Isaac Sundarajan

SundarajanSometimes it takes a crisis for God to get our attention. That is what happened to Silicon Valley executive, Isaac Sundarajan.

“We were about 15 minutes into the flight,” recalls Isaac, “They had just turned off the seatbelt sign when I heard a major explosion. The whole plane instantly dropped several thousand feet. I thought for the first time that I was going to die.” This pivotal event led to a significant breakthrough in Isaac’s Christian faith. Continue reading

PBS Show Highlights Faith in Silicon Valley

In my April 3 post, I wrote about recent events that show how God is working in Silicon Valley. A PBS television show “Religion and Ethics Newsweekly” that aired the weekend of April 4th, highlights the contrast between the typical values of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and the new breed of Christian entrepreneurs that are rising up.

I was interviewed for this program as were Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware and Neil Ahlsten, CEO of Carpenter’s Code — the developer of the prayer app Abide. It is a neat segment that is well worth watching. Let me know what you think by leaving a reply below.

The program follows a brief advertisement.

Something Special is Happening in Silicon Valley!

Frequent readers of this blog are aware that God is doing something special in Silicon Valley – traditionally one of the most secular areas in the country.

Four events over a ten-day span in March add to the sense that God is up to something significant. The 2015 Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast on March 13 drew a record number of attendees. In addition, there were three “first ever” events — the first Jesus to the Bay church unity event; Transforming the Bay with Christ’s first ThinkTank for pastors interested in opening new churches in the Bay Area; and the first annual Silicon Valley Discipleship Walk for Water.

The Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast

SVPB 2015Keynote speaker, Kirk Perry, mesmerized the crowd of over 700 people, who showed up at 7:00 am at the 21st Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast on March 13. Kirk and the other two speakers – Neil Ahlsten and Sehin Belew addressed the topic “Finding Your Calling.” Continue reading

Making a Difference on the Peninsula – Central Peninsula Church

Central Peninsula ChurchCentral Peninsula Church (CPC) is making a difference in our community, specifically with its commitment to heal the brokenness in people’s lives. CPC houses three campuses in the mid-peninsula – Foster City, San Bruno, and Redwood City. I had heard much about CPC and its lead pastor, Dr. Mark Mitchell, but wanted to find out more. Recently I sat down with Mitchell to find out what is different about CPC and to get his view on faith in Silicon Valley. Continue reading

Not Your Typical Silicon Valley CEO — Emily Liggett

Emily Liggett 2It is unusual to find a female CEO of a manufacturing company anywhere, but especially in Silicon Valley – an area with few manufacturing companies and few female CEOs.  But Emily Liggett – CEO of NovaTorque, manufacturer of energy efficient electric motors – is not a typical Silicon Valley CEO. Not only is she a female CEO of a manufacturing company, she is also an effective leader, an accomplished engineer, and a humble, committed follower of Christ. Continue reading