Yu-kai Chou, Gamification Expert, Entrepreneur, and Follower of Christ

ChouGamification takes the experience of game thinking and mechanics and applies it to other areas, such as work.  Yu-kai Chou is an entrepreneur and gamification expert.  Chou describes gamification as making boring things fun – things you have to do, but do not necessarily want to do.  Chou’s believes that gamification has the potential to create a world where everyone has fun in their work; companies perform better, and customers enjoy the products they purchase.
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Jim Stump, Founder of Sports Challenge – Mentoring Student-Athletes at Stanford

jimstump2Stanford athletes are a privileged group.  They attend one of the best colleges in the world, compete in a Division I athletic program, and live in a beautiful area. But a Stanford athlete also faces significant challenges.  How does one balance athletics and rigorous academics?  How does one answer the questions when confronted with the diversity of opinion heard on campus:  What is truth? What do I believe? What is my purpose in life?  Jim Stump, founder and president of Sports Challenge, makes himself available to Stanford athletes to encourage and support them, as well as to help them with questions about faith.
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Gelsinger and Littlejohn to Speak at the Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast

Gelsinger_informal6Two of the most popular stories on this Website are those of Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, and Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.  You have an opportunity to see both Gelsinger and Littlejohn in person at the Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast on Friday, March 28.  The event is at the Hyatt in Santa Clara.

Reggis Littlejohn image

This event is open to all people no matter where they are with their faith.  In fact, it is a good opportunity for those unsure of what they believe, but curious about Christian faith, to hear how faith and prayer have worked in the lives of these remarkable people.

The event is likely to sell out.  You can register here:  Register

Here is a brief video describing the event:


Tom Steipp, Business Executive, Offers Advice for Staying Grounded in Faith and Succeeding in Business

steippCan one have success in business and be a committed follower of Christ?  Must believers compromise their Christian values to succeed in business?  Tom Steipp offers an instructive example of how one can succeed in business and live out Christian values at the same time.

Business Background

Steipp’s has a stellar resume – US Air Force pilot for 8 years, executive at Hewlett-Packard for 17 years, VP/General Manager at Scientific Atlanta for 2 years, CEO of Symmetricomm – a $200+ million public company – for 11 years, and currently CEO of Liquidmetal Technologies – a small public company.
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Rescue is Not Enough – Gateway City Church’s Commitment to Help Victims of Human Trafficking

In October, 2013, the Washington Post reported that there are nearly 30 million slaves in the world today – more slaves than any time in human history.  60,000 of those slaves are in the U.S.  The Bay Area has one of the highest concentrations of human slaves in the U.S. – many of whom are girls and women engaged in sexual slavery.  Others are slaves working in restaurants and other occupations.

Mike Brock 4San Jose-based Gateway City Church and its sister organization, Gateway Community Outreach (GCO), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, wanted to do something about the problem.  Mike Brock, an associate pastor at Gateway City Church and community outreach director at GCO, comments:
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David Persing, MD and PhD, Fulfilling His Dream to Impact the World

david pershingDavid Persing is a scientist and a follower of Jesus Christ.  One of his life’s dreams has been to use his faith and God-given talents along with his training and experience in molecular diagnostics to have a positive impact in the world.  As the Executive Vice President and Chief Medical and Technology Officer at Cepheid, a rapidly growing molecular diagnostics company, he is fulfilling his dream of “doing well by doing good.”
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Reggie Littlejohn Named by “Inside the Vatican Magazine” as one of the Top Ten People in 2013

Littlejohn image 2Reggie Littlejohn, Bay Area resident and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers was named by Inside the Vatican Magazine as one of its “Top Ten” people in the world for 2013.  You may recall that this Website featured Littlejohn’s story in December 2013. Littlejohn, a former litigator, has a remarkable story of how she came to faith, how she overcame severe illness, and how she is now focused on shedding light on the abuse of women in China.
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Paul Baba, Scientist, Businessman, and Follower of Christ

Paul Baba4Are faith and science compatible or are they in conflict?  Is there evidence for Christian faith?  To many skeptics, faith and science are not compatible.  In their opinion, there is not enough evidence to have Christian faith.  Paul Baba, Ph.D., disagrees.  In fact, this scientist, business leader, and thoughtful man felt compelled to address the subject directly.  He wrote a book called, All the Evidence You Will Ever Need:  A Scientist Believes in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Brent Jones, former All Pro with the 49ers — Perseverance and Faith

brent_jonesBrent Jones is well-known in the Bay Area and by football fans across the country for his exploits with the San Francisco 49ers.  He was selected as an All Pro tight end four times and earned three Super Bowl rings in his twelve years in the National Football League.  Earlier this year, Jones was inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame.

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Dr. John Dearborn, Orthopedic Surgeon – A Journey to a God-centered Life

Dr. John DearbornSelf-reliance is celebrated in America.  Self-help books often top the best seller lists.  Descriptions like “rugged individualism,” “self-made man” and phrases like “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” and “find the greatness within you” echo throughout our history and culture.  We are taught that success and achievement are up to us.  And we admire people who achieve success through determination and hard work.  But self-reliance sometimes results in the character flaws self-centeredness and self-absorption.  The story of John Dearborn is a journey from a self-centered life to a life surrendered to God. Continue reading