Transforming the Bay With Christ Convenes Christian leaders to consider Big Holy Audacious Goals

TBC1Transforming the Bay with Christ (TBC) brought together San Francisco Bay Area Christian business, faith, and community leaders Saturday morning, January 9, 2016. The gathering was at Epic Church in downtown San Francisco’s SOMA district. TBC’s mission is “to catalyze a holistic gospel movement in the Bay Area that results in spiritual and societal transformation.” TBC’s vision is “To see every person in the Bay Area thrive and flourish—body, soul and spirit by living life as God intended it”. Continue reading

Super Bowl Breakfast — San Francisco, February 6

PrintThe 2016 Super Bowl is coming to the Bay Area on Sunday, February 7.

Accompanying the Super Bowl is an additional NFL sanctioned major event — the Super Bowl Breakfast. The breakfast event takes place on the Saturday before the game – February 6 – at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. The event is open to the public.

At the breakfast, a current NFL player will receive the Bart Starr Award for outstanding integrity and leadership in the home, on the field, and in the community. The 2015 winner was Peyton Manning. Past award winners include Steve Largent, Reggie White, Anthony Munoz, Mike Singletary, Cris Carter, Curtis Martin, Kurt Warner, London Fletcher, Drew Brees, Jason Witten, and Aaron Rodgers. Continue reading

Transforming the Bay with Christ — Is it Possible and What Does it Mean?

tbc logoNearly two years ago a unique group of Christ followers came together, asking the question: What would it be like to help catalyze a holistic Gospel movement in the Bay Area?

Nearly two years ago, when this group of Christ-followers, who were in the business world and in the church world formed a board — TBC was born.  It isn’t often that business folk and church leaders come together, much less STAY together. But this vision was so compelling it formed a kind of binding agent. The hope was that God’s Kingdom would gain ground in this area that at first glance seemed to have little of it. Continue reading

Creating the Feel of a Small Town Church — The Highway Community

Highway logoWhen we think of successful churches, we may first think of the biggest churches – those with the highest attendance and the most renowned pastors. Many large churches are indeed excellent and helping their congregations live out God’s Word. But God can also make His presence known through much smaller churches. The Highway Community is a church that remains intentionally small so that it can more easily focus on developing community, both within the church and in the surrounding area. Continue reading

“Hello Christian” Interview with Skip Vaccarello

The online magazine Hello Christian recently published an interview with Skip Vaccarello about his book and on the state of Christian faith in Silicon Valley.

All over the world people know what you are talking about when you mention ‘Silicon Valley.’ It’s the place where start-ups and capitalists hope to earn a fortune. It’s the place where Google, Facebook, and Apple have their offices. At the same time, it’s the least Christian place in the United States. Life is more about gigabytes than God. Skip Vaccarello lived in the valley and worked as a top executive for over 30 years. I talked with him about his book Finding God in Silicon ValleyRead more.

Repurposing Businesses to Transform Society — Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson 3Brett Johnson is an experienced strategic planner, consultant, and mentor. He has a lofty goal – to help people find their purpose in life, repurpose their businesses and in doing so, transform communities and nations. His company, The Institute for Innovation, Integration, & Impact (“The Institute”), bases its goal and processes on biblical principles, although the company is not overtly “Christian.”

Johnson sees no disparity between business and ministry, and in fact, he is passionate about the elimination of that dichotomy. He points out that the word for work and to worship in scripture is the same. “We need to realize that our work is worship and that business is our ministry.” It is this idea that lays the foundation for The Institute. Continue reading

An Amazon Bestseller

It is humbling, but exciting to report that the book launch was quite successful. Finding God in Silicon Valley climbed to #1 in the category Christian Leadership.

#1 v3

My goal with my book and this blog is to get out the message of hope and joy that comes with faith in Christ. You might consider giving copies to friends as a way to engage in conversations about faith. You can purchase the book at the Store on this site or at Amazon:  Finding God in Silicon Valley:  Spiritual Journeys in a High-Tech World.