From Wall Street to Global Education – Abigail Bach, a Tapestry of God’s Calling

Abigail Bach Abigail Bach is living out God’s calling. She works as Vice President of Program Strategy and Philanthropy at Edify, a non-profit organization providing Christ-centered education in the developing world. It is a vocation to which she believes God has carefully led her. Her career path was not obvious nor straightforward — a career that started on the rough and tumble trading floor of Wall Street. Abigail sees God knitting together her various experiences into what she calls “a wonderful tapestry.” “In our work, many of us only see the unattractive knots on the back side of the tapestry, not the beauty of what God is weaving together on the front side.” Continue reading

Upcoming Events

CrowdThe Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast drew 800 people on April 1 for an amazing event featuring Connie Segreto, executive at Deloitte: Kirk Perry, President Google Brand Solutions; and Henry Kaestner, Principle of Sovereign’s Capital. Skip Vaccarello (author of this site) was also interviewed regarding his book Finding God in Silicon Valley. The speakers provided powerful, personal testimonies of how God transformed their lives.

If you enjoyed the event, you may want to check out two events that are upcoming in the next month.

Christian Entrepreneurs Association event on Saturday, April 30, featuring gamification expert Yu- Kai Chow and Allen Lu, founder of EPA Made, and the

SVPB Networking Event on Wednesday, May 18 featuring marketing executive Ellen Luttrell. The title of Ellen’s talk is “The Interactive Life with God in Silicon Valley.”

You can read more about each event on the Events Page of this blog.



Following God’s Call

Rhonda HamiltonDr. Rhonda Hamilton’s spiritual journey offers a fascinating example of how God sometimes calls us to a career that we didn’t expect.

Rhonda currently works as a physician at the Palo Alto VA where she also teaches Stanford medical students and residents at the hospital. She received her MD from Tufts University and fulfilled her residency requirement at Cambridge City Hospital, a Harvard teaching hospital. Never in her early years and throughout her time at college, however, did she plan to become a doctor. Her goal was to teach English. But God had other plans for her life. Continue reading

Now Available — e-Book Version of “Finding God in Silicon Valley”

Kindle-iconFinding God in Silicon Valley: Spiritual Journeys in a HighTech World is now conveniently available as an e-Book for both the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook.The book tells how God is working in the lives of leaders in Silicon Valley –venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, innovators in non-profit organizations, and scientists. It provides lessons for everyone curious about Christian faith. The print edition is also available on nookbutton3this site and at Amazon, where it reached #1 in Christian Leadership on its launch date in October 2015.

Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO said this about the book, “In a thought-provoking manner, Skip Vaccarello provides a collection of amazing stories of leaders who have found God in Silicon Valley…one of the most influential but anti-God places on Earth.”

Telos Ventures — Investing in God-centered Businesses

Telos Venture Capital is a unique venture capital business. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Telos describes itself as “an early-stage venture capital fund that builds and invests in Gospel-centered, for-profit ventures that have the potential for liquidity thereby multiplying God’s resources entrusted to us by our limited partners.”

Eric Quan2To Telos founders, Eric Quan and David Kim, “Gospel-centered ventures” means companies that “serve the world, foster innovation, shape organizational culture and embrace a broad stakeholder perspective in Christ.”

Telos invests globally and primarily in software solutions in the healthcare, education, andDavid Kim general lifestyle sectors among others. The company’s typical initial investment in a company is between $50,000 and $250,000.

On April 1, Telos is sponsoring its second annual business plan competition for entrepreneurs. It calls the competition “Elevate.”

To find out more about Telos and Elevate, I asked Eric Quan a series of questions. Continue reading

Stories of Success, Adversity, and Faith — the 2016 Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast

Finding God is a process. Reading and listening to stories of how God has touched the lives of people is one important way to start the process. It is for this reason that I author this Website and wrote the book Finding God in Silicon Valley.

SVPB crowdAnother wonderful way to hear inspiring stories of faith is at the Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast. The event offers an opportunity to see how God has worked in the lives of the speakers and how He affects the way they live. The event is perfect for anyone who is curious about faith and wants to find out more. No one is put on the spot to pray. Instead, the event is simply an opportunity to observe how God transforms lives. Continue reading

Signature Silicon Valley — Interview with Skip Vaccarello

Recently, I was interviewed by Janice Edwards for her program Signature Silicon Valley on CreaTV in San Jose.  The topic was “Finding God in Silicon Valley.”  I discussed my story — how I came to faith and why I wrote Finding God in Silicon Valley. The interview is 10 minutes long.

Transforming the Bay With Christ Convenes Christian leaders to consider Big Holy Audacious Goals

TBC1Transforming the Bay with Christ (TBC) brought together San Francisco Bay Area Christian business, faith, and community leaders Saturday morning, January 9, 2016. The gathering was at Epic Church in downtown San Francisco’s SOMA district. TBC’s mission is “to catalyze a holistic gospel movement in the Bay Area that results in spiritual and societal transformation.” TBC’s vision is “To see every person in the Bay Area thrive and flourish—body, soul and spirit by living life as God intended it”. Continue reading

Super Bowl Breakfast — San Francisco, February 6

PrintThe 2016 Super Bowl is coming to the Bay Area on Sunday, February 7.

Accompanying the Super Bowl is an additional NFL sanctioned major event — the Super Bowl Breakfast. The breakfast event takes place on the Saturday before the game – February 6 – at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. The event is open to the public.

At the breakfast, a current NFL player will receive the Bart Starr Award for outstanding integrity and leadership in the home, on the field, and in the community. The 2015 winner was Peyton Manning. Past award winners include Steve Largent, Reggie White, Anthony Munoz, Mike Singletary, Cris Carter, Curtis Martin, Kurt Warner, London Fletcher, Drew Brees, Jason Witten, and Aaron Rodgers. Continue reading