Repurposing Businesses to Transform Society — Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson 3Brett Johnson is an experienced strategic planner, consultant, and mentor. He has a lofty goal – to help people find their purpose in life, repurpose their businesses and in doing so, transform communities and nations. His company, The Institute for Innovation, Integration, & Impact (“The Institute”), bases its goal and processes on biblical principles, although the company is not overtly “Christian.”

Johnson sees no disparity between business and ministry, and in fact, he is passionate about the elimination of that dichotomy. He points out that the word for work and to worship in scripture is the same. “We need to realize that our work is worship and that business is our ministry.” It is this idea that lays the foundation for The Institute. Continue reading

An Amazon Bestseller

It is humbling, but exciting to report that the book launch was quite successful. Finding God in Silicon Valley climbed to #1 in the category Christian Leadership.

#1 v3

My goal with my book and this blog is to get out the message of hope and joy that comes with faith in Christ. You might consider giving copies to friends as a way to engage in conversations about faith. You can purchase the book at the Store on this site or at Amazon:  Finding God in Silicon Valley:  Spiritual Journeys in a High-Tech World.

“Finding God in Silicon Valley” Launches on Amazon on Friday, October 30!

As a follower of this blog you have had the opportunity to read inspiring stories of faith. I have now packaged some of the best of those stories in a book, Finding God in Silicon Valley — Spiritual Journeys in a High-Tech World. The book is scheduled to launch on Amazon on Friday, October 30. 

Finding God in Silicon Valley -- side view coverMy purpose for the book is to pass on the message of hope and joy that comes with faith in Christ. You can help with the success of the launch, and help the message gain visibility, by purchasing the book on Amazon for yourself or for a friend as a gift.  Also, if you feel so moved, write a review after you have read the book.  Here is the Amazon link:  Finding God in Silicon Valley.

Finding God in Silicon Valley tells how God is working in the lives of people in Silicon Valley—venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, leaders of major companies, innovators in non-profit start-ups, scientists, and technologists. You will be inspired and challenged as you read their journeys of faith.

Here is what Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, wrote in the book’s Foreword:  “In a thought-provoking manner, Skip Vaccarello provides a collection of amazing stories of leaders who have found God in Silicon Valley…one of the most influential but anti-God places on Earth.”

You can see other endorsements here:  Endorsements.

To give you a flavor of the book, here is the book’s introduction:  God and Silicon Valley:  The Journey Begins

The book is also available for purchase both on Amazon and on this site:  Store

Catalyzing a Bay Area Movement

TBC logo 2Over 225 Christian church pastors, ministry professionals, and non-profit leaders gathered at Dublin’s Valley Christian Center Saturday on September 12, 2015. The Saturday morning gathering was organized by Transforming the Bay with Christ (TBC) to bring together Christian leaders in order to promote the vision of the San Francisco Bay Area transformed by the person of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Staying Connected with God — Spencer Christian, TV Personality

Spencer ChristianMany people in the Bay Area are familiar with Spencer Christian, weatherman for ABC News in San Francisco. You might also be interested to know how he got to where he is today.

Christian has worked in the TV news industry for more than 44 years, working as a weather forecaster, feature reporter, and guest host. Additionally, he has served as a spokesperson for ABC’s literacy campaign, published a series of children’s books and hosted, “Spencer Christian’s Wine Cellar” on the Food Network.

Some of the career highlights Christian lists include:

  • Interviewing then-Senator Barack Obama just before he announced his candidacy for President
  • Emceeing former President Jimmy Carter’s 75th birthday celebration in Americus, GA, in 1999
  • Surviving and reporting from the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, while on World Series assignment for Good Morning America
  • Suiting up and playing baseball with the NY Yankees and NY Mets in spring training
  • Playing basketball against the Harlem Globetrotters at Madison Square Garden in 1985.

Continue reading

Conversations about Faith

RekindleThe Billy Graham Center for Evangelism and QPlace partnered to launch a YouTube channel called ReKindle:  Engaging Gospel Conversations.  In its launch today — September 1 — it featured five five-minute videos.  Skip Vaccarello (author of this site) is featured in one video — ReKindling the Gospel in the Workplace, in which he offers advice for sharing your faith.  Other videos are:

How a Church Engages and Serves its Community — Calvary Church Los Gatos

Calvary Church Los GatosMany people in Silicon Valley are indifferent to local churches which they perceive as islands not relevant to their communities. And some perceive Christians as judgmental and hypocritical. Rather than shy away from these perceptions, Calvary Church Los Gatos engages in activities to serve the community and help change the way people think about Christians and the church. Calvary’s leadership team works to break down the barriers that have built up over time.

How is Calvary doing this? Under the leadership of Rev. Bob Thomas, Calvary looks for needs within the community and finds ways to meet them. Continue reading

Religion in Silicon Valley — A Story on BBC World Service

bbc_world_serviceThe weekend of August 7-9 BBC World Service ran a radio story titled “Religion in Silicon Valley” produced by Peter Bowes. The story offers a contrast between the technological orientation of life in Silicon Valley and the growing practice of faith, including Christianity. You can listen to the 26 minute program here:  Heart and Soul — Religion in Silicon Valley. Epic Church in San Francisco, C3 Church Silicon Valley, and the Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast are mentioned in the program.

You can also read a related story on BBC Capital by Peter Bowes here — When the God of Money Isn’t Enough.