Is there a God?

It cannot be scientifically proven that God exists.  It also can’t be scientifically proven that God does not exist. Many things cannot be proven.  For example, can you prove wind exists?  You can observe it (e.g., branches move, paper blows around), but cannot prove it directly.  To prove something we often rely on historical, philosophical and moral knowledge in addition to scientific knowledge.  This happens in court all the time.  A decision must be based on sufficient evidence, not exhaustive evidence.

In the same way we can look at the evidence that God exists.

Sufficient Cause

The universe exists and something had to bring it into being.  You might say that the Big Bang was the cause.  Certainly, the Big Bang is the most popular theory for the beginning of the universe.  But who or what caused the Big Bang to happen?  Never is history has anything appeared from nothing.  It would take blind faith to believe that nothing came from nothing.

Dr. Allan Sandrage, a former atheist and the 1991 recipient of the top award in astronomy — the Craaford Prize — was quoted in a Newsweek article saying,

It was my science that drove me to the conclusion that the world is much more complicated than can be explained by science.


The universe not only exists, it is in motion.  Think of a parked car.  It will stay in place unless someone or something causes it to move.  In the same way, something outside of the universe had to set it in motion.


All design must have a designer.  Think of the building you are in as you read this.  Someone had to design it.  It did not just randomly appear.  The intricacy of the universe and everything in it had to have a designer.  It is a much greater leap of faith to say that there is no designer and it just randomly happened.


As humans, we admire values and principles.  Love is better than hate.  Bravery is better than cowardice.  Truth is better than a lie.  Since we make moral judgments we must also believe that that absolute good exists.  Without God, there would be no basis for moral standards.  Morality would be up to individuals and chaos would ensue.


Humans have a mind, a will and emotions.  How could an impersonal force alone create these characteristics which define personality?  Impersonal, material agents do not create personality.  Man makes computers.  Computers do not make man.

Personal Experience

Believers all over the world can attest to the presence of God in their lives.  Prayers are answered, lives are transformed and miracles happen.  Personal profiles on this Website give numerous examples of how God has worked in the lives of Silicon Valley leaders.

Without God what is the meaning of life?  How would we know what is good?  And how would we answer why we are here?  Nietzsche, a lifelong atheist one said, “If there is no God, anything is permitted.”

Although the existence of God cannot be proven scientifically, once the evidence is weighed, the rational explanation is that God does exist.

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