Reggie Littlejohn Named by “Inside the Vatican Magazine” as one of the Top Ten People in 2013

Littlejohn image 2Reggie Littlejohn, Bay Area resident and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers was named by Inside the Vatican Magazine as one of its “Top Ten” people in the world for 2013.  You may recall that this Website featured Littlejohn’s story in December 2013. Littlejohn, a former litigator, has a remarkable story of how she came to faith, how she overcame severe illness, and how she is now focused on shedding light on the abuse of women in China.

Reggie will be a speaker at the Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast on March 28, 2014.  You can register for that event here:  Register.

Inside the Vatican describes its criteria for its “Top Ten” this way:

There are millions of Christians throughout the world who give courageous witness with their lives to their faith in Christ. Choosing to recognize ten among these many is of course, inevitably, partial, and superficial. And yet, we feel there is a value in focusing on a small number of remarkable people, whose witness can instruct and inspire us. It is in this spirit that we present to our readers our choices for the “Top Ten” people of 2013.

You can read Littlejohn’s story in Inside the Vatican, by clicking on:

Reggie Littlejohn – A graduate of Yale Law School and Founder and President of Women’s Rights without Frontiers

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