Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware — Balancing Faith, Family, and Work

Gelsinger_informal6How does one have a great family life and success in a career?  Pat Gelsinger, a married father of four and CEO of VMware, a $4.6 billion Silicon Valley technology company, suggests that faith is the key ingredient.  In fact, he wrote two books on the subject.

Career Background

Gelsinger has a storied business career.  In 1979, at the age of 18 he was recruited by Intel from a 2-year technical school in Pennsylvania.  He joined Intel as a technician in quality assurance and quickly advanced.  While working full-time, he used Intel’s college tuition reimbursement program to complete his BSEE at Santa Clara and went on to Stanford where he earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science.  At age 31, he was appointed the company’s youngest Vice President and a few years later as its first Chief Technology Officer.

At Intel he worked on the 8088, the 80186, and 80286 processors, became one of the critical engineers on the 80386 and was architect and design manager on the 80486 which provided the processing power needed for the personal computer revolution through the 1980s into the 1990s. He went on to leadership roles in almost every Intel processor since then (486DX2, Pentium, PentiumPro, Pentium II, III, IV, Nehalem, etc.).  Gelsinger worked at Intel for 30 years as one of its top executives.  In 2010 he was recruited to work as the Chief Operating Officer at EMC located in the Boston Area.  And in the fall of 2012 he came back to Silicon Valley to join VMware as its CEO.

Faith Background

Gelsinger grew up in a church going family, but it wasn’t until he came to Silicon Valley in 1980 that his faith became real.  He started attending a Biblically-based church and engaged in a small group Bible study.  Gelsinger says that he was particularly convicted by Revelation 3:15 and 16, which reads:

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

He did not want to be “lukewarm.”  From that point forward, Gelsinger says, “I was on fire for God and truly began my faith journey.”

A Crisis of Faith

Shortly after committing to God, however, Gelsinger had a crisis of faith. The basic principle of the that cares about its customers is to value their time. He was torn between continuing with his business career and going into full-time, vocational ministry.  Just when he was at the point of deciding to take the path into vocational ministry, God set before him a Bible verse, Colossians 3:23, which changed his decision.

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. (Colossians 3:23)

Gelsinger realized that his work could become his ministry and decided to stay on his career path in business.  As a business leader living out his faith every day, he realized that had the opportunity both to deepen his faith as he confronts serious issues in business, and also positively influence others.  He remarks,

At every phase of my career I’ve always said, “Okay, now I’m in the next phase of my full-time ministry.”  I like to think I have a congregation of 13,300 today as CEO of VMware.  It’s not Menlo Park Presbyterian Church or Reality Christian Church.  It’s VMware, and that’s the church that God has given me to be a minister to, and be a steward.

Balancing Faith, Family and Work

So how does one balance the needs of family and work and stay true to one’s faith?  Gelsinger developed a set of guidelines which he described in his first book, Balancing your Family, Faith & Work, published in 2003 and expands in his 2008 book titled The Juggling Act:  Bringing Balance to Faith, Family, and Work.

Gelsinger emphasizes the importance of having a personal mission statement.  The mission statement comprises three elements:

  • Mission —  a succinct statement on who you want to be as a person
  • Values – the principles by which you want to live, and
  • Goals – what you want to accomplish.

To the mission statement, Gelsinger offers a way to prioritize one’s use of time.

  1. Prioritize God — “Create a unique relationship between yourself and God that is consistently reinforced by the way you use your time to remain in dialogue and relationship with Him. Choose routine areas of your life to remind and encourage you.  Have daily devotion time with God.”
  2. Prioritize Family — “Establish your family relationships in such a manner that other factors do not squeeze out that precious family time. Put clear boundaries in place and be prepared to make tradeoffs such as those between work and family that will be clear evidence of where your priorities truly reside.”
  3. Work Hard — “Be a great employee.  Realize that you are not working for your boss, your president or your company. Instead, you are working for God. Recognize that He is the singular source of our ultimate reward.  Look past anything that might distract you from being a great employee.”

Gelsinger recognizes that it is not easy to keep one’s priorities in balance.  For balance and accountability, Gelsinger emphasizes getting a mentor.  Today he has two mentors with whom he meets regularly.  And, as a way to give back, he mentors others as well.


Pat Gelsinger will be the keynote speaker at the 20th annual Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast on March 28, 2014.  For more information, see Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast.

20 thoughts on “Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware — Balancing Faith, Family, and Work”

  1. Mr. Gilsinger:

    I.gave you a high compliment as one Christian to another and you chose to take it off Facebook. It was intended to demonstrate how a Christian businessman should conduct himself, but I guess you think that other people knowing that is meainless. Sorry, that I invaded you privacy!

  2. Boy, have you.missed the boat. When Jesus started out his ministry He focused on the Hebrews and training of his didsciples. Later on He recruited Paul to go to the Gentiles. During that entire time, Jesus was the cornerstone of the Body of Christ (The Church). None of the people focussed where Born Again Christians. In the Great Commission where were the disciples told to go? The world, not to Born Again Christians. Does your church welcome non-Christians. Questionable!

  3. Pat,
    I work for VMware and I am a born again believer in Yeshua Jesus. I must say that your statements contradict the word of God.

    You state that VMware is your church to which you are ministering. What does that mean? VMware is comprised of the saved and the unsaved alike. According to the word of God the Body of Christ ie the Church is comprised of born again believers. This Church belongs to Jesus (Matthew 16:18). VMware is of the world, it compromises truth for the sake of social acceptance, this is not of God.

    With regards to your statement to have a personal mission statement, this is also scriptural. It is God and His word that changes us into the person God wants you to be (Romans 8:29), principles which the word of God gives us (John 14:15), goals that God has for you (Psalm 127:1).

    You have a huge platform and God has put you there. I have not seen the true Gospel proclaimed (1 Corinthians 15:3) but a watered down social gospel which is not of the truth. I understand how difficult it would be to proclaim the truth when you have achieved so much according to worldly standards, the idea of completely losing all of that for the sake of the Gospel may terrify you. If it does, there’s a problem.

    This world is passing away and everything in it. To preach the Gospel, that Jesus died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day, that all who believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    I am praying for you Pat, you are in a place of leadership. I pray that you may not comprise, that you may stand boldly and proclaim the truth, so that many here at VMware may be saved.

    1. Boy, have you.missed the boat. When Jesus started out his ministry He focused on the Hebrews and training of his didsciples. Later on He recruited Paul to go to the Gentiles. During that entire time, Jesus was the cornerstone of the Body of Christ (The Church). None of the people focussed where Born Again Christians. In the Great Commission where were the disciples told to go? The world, not to Born Again Christians. Does your church welcome non-Christians. Questionable!

  4. I have the privilege of working for Pat at VMware. He is an amazing leader although I don’t know him personally I’d definitely tell you he walks what he talks and is a man that you want to be around more and learn from. I wish I had more opportunities to mentor and learn from him living in Austin while he is in Palo Alto makes that challenging. However it is refreshing and fuels me of hope that there are other faith filled professionals I can follow

  5. VMware CEO Pat Gelsingertalks about the extremes to which the drive to succeed take us, the importance of religion in his life and what it means to be out of the closet as a man of faith.

  6. Joel Thilagaraj

    Dear Brother Pat .
    I’m Joel (India) my wife Annie school teacher & my first son Abishua Joel working in Goldman Sachs my second son Nethan doing 10thStandard
    I saw your testimony in corporate citizens magazine. I’m just inspired about your faith. I’ll pray for you and your family now onwards.
    Cordially your’s in Christ

  7. Hi Pat….I really enjoyed your message when you spoke at our Church last Sunday, the Peninsula Bible Church! It was truly an answer to my fervent Prayer…a Spiritual Revival!

    I have placed you on my Prayer list, asking God to continue to Bless you and Protect you in this much needed Spiritual Endeavor!

  8. Hi Pat,

    I am truly happy and inspired by this article. Satan has a way of tying us up in a way it sucks our time and thereby take us away from God. I myself one of those in corporates where works is demanding and im trying to draw boundaries with my work and family. I am not doing any justice to my family though. To God i am drawn out of him at this point and then i repent and acknowledge his lordship over me and come back in terms with HIM. But truly i want to be in Job doing corporate work for HIM and giving time for HIM and family and lead a life which is inconspicous by men and recognized by God. I have been a victim of lay off as well. But today i am not worried about future. But Satan attacks with more expectations from peers/bosses. Your story is inspiring and will take a cue from it.

    God bless your ministry and congregation and help others also lead life in jesus

  9. John Berchmans

    Wonderful testimony, i am just inspired and encouraged.

    John Berchmans

  10. Shailendra kumar

    This was truly inspiring and just in time. Pray that this helps me in turning a new leaf in prioritizing God, family and work.

  11. Kimberley O'Brien

    Thank you Pat for your inspiration, Lukewarm truly resonated with me – I too am on fire. My fire is my personal relationship with God, my family and my work – finding my way to service is my journey.
    I truly look forward to meeting you on your trip to Canada.

  12. Thank you Mr. Gelsinger, the last part on – ‘Working Hard – Being a Great Employee…’ is really encouraging.

    GOD bless you abundatly

  13. Thank you so much for this encouraging article. As a VMware employee, hearing from Pat that the company is he’s ministry is very encouraging and exciting. I have been reading the book “Juggling between faith, family and work” and enjoy the book very much! It is filled with organic stories of Pat’s background, his experience and practical information to gain the juggling skill of handling the three main tasks well in our lives.

    With God’s grace and Holy Spirit’s guidance, a weekly bible study and prayer group was formed in the company after an instance happened with this book and Pat’s autograph at the company all hands meeting. Few of my colleagues have been meeting regularly to study God’s words and praying together. A very exciting moment to be in this company and be part of the ministry.

  14. The mission statement and priority balancing is the road map for my relationship and journey with our Lord , guiding me on the plan of my life here!
    God’s Willi am!

  15. This article was especially touching to me as we teach Adults how to write and read English. One of our learners told us that one of the reasons they wanted to read, was so they could read the Bible and also so that they could read to their children.

    So we decided to kick-off the first of its kind CrowdFunding campaign for Vision Litteracy so that we can impact more Adults in the Silicon Valley.

    God Bless,

  16. Thanks for this great article on Mr, Gelsinger. We just hosted Larry Andrews this weekend. He is the new CEO of Partners International which supports local indigenous ministries in the 10/40 window. This group is celebrating 70 years. I shared this article with him and he was quite taken with the Mission Statement parameters. We look forward to the Prayer Breakfast in March.

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