Abide Prayer App Launches

Abide Launch Party
Abide Launch Party

Recently, I wrote about Neil Ahlsten, an entrepreneur who left a high-powered job at Google to create the prayer app, Abide, designed to make the power of prayer easy, and available to be shared anytime and anywhere. Abide launched on Veterans Day, November 11 for the iPhone and is now also available for the Android.

On Veteran’s day, Abide shared its first national prayer for wounded warriors and their families. People in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and countries as far away as Malaysia, India, and Japan engaged in over 24 hours of praying for wounded soldiers and their families.

Abide received an abundance of positive feedback. One anonymous person commented, “I know that the Lord is there with each and every man and woman who has served as well as their families and friends who have been touched by this. I pray that everyone can open their hearts and receive God’s love!”

Abide is an interactive app that allows the user to listen to another person’s conversation with God. The user can listen to prayers from a community of Christian leaders in organizations such as the International House of Prayer and the National Day of Prayer and from various local churches including Menlo Presbyterian Church and Reality SF. Prayers are organized by topics such as blessing, family, and health.

Ahlsten says,

Prayer can be hard for many of us. We can get intimidated or distracted or stuck in a rut. But praying with a pastor’s lead can easily and powerfully bring us into awesome conversations with God. My wife warned me last year, “God is calling you to leave Google for this!” She was right and now my own prayer life has deepened immensely from praying with impassioned leaders from across the faith.

Users can also give or request and listen to the prayers of friends and family.

You can download the iPhone version here, and the just released Android version (still in beta) here.

For more information, visit their website at Abide.is.


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  1. Neil, all I can say is that God will reward you richly for whatever sacrifice you made for Him. Abide is a fantastic concept. We are at our strongest spiritually, when you pray and thank you for trying to make our prayer lives even more effective.

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